Design and Manufacturing

eLi Design and Manufacturing


This platform will link up education, research and industry activities for a sustainable battery cell & pack production in Europe, aiming to support and accompany the setup of a competitive battery industry in Europe.

Research activities

  • Battery and pack design
  • Shape and size
  • BMS
  • Components R&D
  • Battery pack assembly
  • Design for Recycling

Industry activities

  • Upscaling of battery manufacturing
  • Cost-effective, reliable, and high-performance manufacturing process
  • Novel battery cell  and pack prototyping
  • Battery to pack testing and qualification
  • Failure and abuse testing and analysis

Education activities

  • PhD and Master thesis research works
  • Workshops for academic and industry partners
  • Lectures at universities Bordeaux, Leuven, Lorraine and Wuerzburg

Project LiPLANET (supported by Horizon 2020)

Overview of anydrous battery platform.
© P.Avavian | CEA
Overview of anydrous battery platform.
  • Aiming to build a more competitive Li-ion battery cell manufacturing ecosystem
  • Increasing the production of Li-ion cells towards industrial scale
  • Bringing together the most relevant European Li-ion cell pilot lines and the main stakeholders of the battery sector
  • Creating of a standardised legal framework and a data exchange platform for the cooperation between industry, academia and pilot lines

Overview on representative research work (CEA)

Battery assembly line dedicated building.
© P.Avavian | CEA
Battery assembly line dedicated building.
  • Battery to pack design thanks to multiscale and mustiphysic modelling tools
  • Manufacturing, assembly and integration of battery
  • All type of Li-ion batteries and post Li-ion are addressed, with a special focus on solid state battery development
  • Promote lean manufacturing